Women ! 5x5 Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing High Heel Footwear

Lucky are the women who are naturally tall. Tall looks compliment the beauty of body. Wearing heels is one way to increase your height. A pair of high heel shoes, sandals have always been a good friend of women. Wearing high heels is an evergreen style statement indeed. However heels are not preferred only because they make you look tall, but it is proved that they improve your looks, style and walk.
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Wearing heels make women look more stylish, confident and tall, but it can also cause back pain. Know the advantages and disadvantages of wearing heels.
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Some Advantages of Wearing High Heels

Tall Look - Wearing heels help to increase the height by 5-6 inches to the maximum. This is helpful for the medium height and small height women who love the tall look. Women also feel smart and in a proper shape by wearing heels.

Style - High heels give a stylish look to the overall physical appearance of women. Nothing can look sexier with a mini fitting skirt than high heeled boots. An open toe sandal or peep toe with a two inch heel looks quite decent with a legging or chudidar
Good Body Posture - After wearing heels women get a feeling of having a good posture. Heels help to bring out and attractive body posture. It also adds to the confidence of the women while carrying her self.
Good looking legs - Heels help to enhance the beauty of your figure, body and legs Especially for those who like to wear short skirts can make their legs look more gorgeous with the help of stunning heels..

Matching or Contrasting to Clothes - Heels compliment the attractiveness of the clothes. Box or conical heels go well with the corporate attire. Pencil heels make the minis or tunics look more striking. Wearing platform heels with trousers or wide bottom jeans will give a cool look.
Some really Important Disadvantages of Wearing Heels

Heels and pain are sides of the same coin. Though women look lovely in heels, they have to suffer from many of its side-effects. Here is the list of bad effects of wearing heels.

Foot pain – ask anyone wearing high heels for long hours! Most of the women suffer from foot pain after walking with high heels. Because of high heels the entire pressure of body is concentrated on the feet. If this happens for a longer time it can cause foot and even hip pain. 
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Difficulty in walking –Yes and true! Many women find it difficult to walk with high heels. Walking long distance with high heels proves to be painful. It often causes heel pain due to walking or standing on high heels for longer time. The way of walking may also look wobbly sometimes. And this may also increase chances of losing balance and falling while walking.

Back pain – Our Spinal column and vertebral column is constructed in particular manner. Wearing heals causes entire pressure of body fall on the lower back. This pressure falling on the lower back can cause back pain. However this is not always the result and can be rectified with proper way of walking, exercise and yoga may help you avoid and get rid of such back pain.

Discoloration, Yellowing and misshapenness – Seen corns on your feet, toes, sides bulging parts, this is an effect of tight or ill fitting footwear. Concentrated body weight on the foot heels may make them harder and develop yellow patches on it. It may also cause misshapenness of your feet. A good foot massage with oil or cream and proper foot care helps to avoid this.

Leg Sprain – Usually leg sprain may be caused if the person is not used to wearing high heels. Major cases of leg sprain in women are caused due to high heels. Try walking slowly and with extra care while wearing high heels.

Use these very high heel stilettos, sandals very rarely. Wearing heels regularly may cause serious leg and foot injuries in the future. Many of women are infatuated with high heels even if they are painful. It is a mentality of many women that high heels indicate higher status. However status is worthless if it is full of leg and back pain.
 One practical suggestion from my side, wear your high heels and stilettos only while travelling in your own vehicle and on red carpet events/ great indoor spaces,  only!

All the Best from Rizwana!
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