Box Heels Designer Shoes Selection Tips

Box heels sandals designer shoes and even traditional footwear with box shape heels is selected by many due to the proportionate balance it has in the shape of heel. As with stilettos we need utmost care while walking there is always a good walker who can carry off well with such footwear. As with friendly box heels just about anybody can carry these designer footwear well and usually they go along with any outfit.
Box heels Formal Black Shoes
The extra box fitted as heel looks pretty and raises the height of the wearer to some few inches and these box heels are usually not very high than a few inches. It is better to buy good quality designer branded box heels footwear, why, because the only risk ! your heel left behind and not with your foot wear!such accidents happen frequently with box heeled footwear if you do not buy good quality footwear from reputed brands. The foot may get stuck up and the heel leaves you !a very embarrassing moment.

Box heeled footwear are a favourite because of the appearance they give a new dimension to the traditional footwear of flats.As they allow the wearer the comfort of increasing height to a few inches they offer stability to walk comfortably. While selecting any box heel footwear be it chappals, shoes, or sandals the height of the box heel is very important. As every women loves to wear heels as they add grace to their walk and also make the appearance good as also adds style it is important to consider only those box heels footwear that you find comfortable and are able to carry on easily.
Box heels go very well with office wear or trousers and formal clothes but they can also accompany any outfit as along as you can carry off well. Remember that while wearing heels they strain you leg muscles which leads to aches and pains and also chronic foot pain along with spinal column pain and also which may carry to neck pain.
Funky Designer Womens footwear Box Heels
Also select only a few inches that add up to the grace of your body and not very high heeled box footwear which makes you uncomfortable and it has been seen that many women wear such footwear over and over , over the years without taking are of the warning signs their body is signed and end up with chronic feet problems later on.
Box heeled Boots
Also when you have to walk long distances or your job r profession requires long hours of standing avoid high heeled footwear as this leads to strain and sprain in leg muscles.Very tight or small box heel footwear is another danger for your precious feet. So if you are out buying designer footwear with box heels do wear them try and walk, and put comfort level first. When wearing for long hours is required it is best that you rest your feet in between, as while during free time at your work table or lunch time you may remove your footwear and rest your feet with some exercise movements to relax the feet muscles.
Ladies, Whatever footwear you buy Size must be just right, not a bit loose nor a bit tight, comfort level is most important than the price tag or the brand tag,  your feet will thank you!


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